Safety Tips for DIY Home Projects

Making improvements to your beloved home by yourself is a fantastic idea. If you know what you're doing, it's an excellent way to save money and add a personal touch to your house. However, DIY home repair is the reason why several people every year have to pay a visit to the emergency room. Therefore, [...]

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The Future of Roofing

A breakthrough in the usage of solar energy has been achieved with the development of solar shingles. These solar panels, intended to appear and function like a conventional roofing material, are also called photovoltaic shingles. Most solar shingles can be stapled directly to the roofing cloth. While some can be put straight onto the roofing [...]

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Common Roofing Mistakes

To err is human. And the principle applies everywhere, even in roofing. Furthermore, there are certain mistakes in roofing which tend to repeat itself more often. Here we list the few mistakes which are most common in roofing, but which nonetheless can be prevented by being a bit more vigilant and careful. Roof Without Slope [...]

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