Deciding to replace the roof on an existing porch entails a number of factors. Take into consideration whether the roof connects to the house roof or if it might be separate. If attached to the house, the project may entail more than the porch itself. In the chance that the porch is separate, there are some things to consider.

Roof Age

You first need to determine the age of the porch roof. Was it installed at the same time as the house roof? Is it newer or older? Shingled roofs typically last up to 25 years. However, age may not be a factor if the roof is in overall good shape. Perhaps a single area simply needs attention and repair. Once you locate the problem, you make the decision to replace the roof yourself or have professionals handle the job.

Rot Damage

Check the supporting columns and the front fascia boards for signs of rot. Damage in these areas often indicates the need to replace the entire porch roof though the roof appears intact.

Water Leakage

Water stains or peeling paint on the porch ceiling is a good indication that something is amiss. Check for broken, curled or loose shingles along with possible damaged flashing. A simple repair might be all that is needed. However, if there is significant water seepage, the problem is likely to be more serious. Check any roof valleys for breakage or rotting. This area is typically the first to show signs of leakage.

Roof Line

Assess the roof line for signs of sagging or warping. Abnormalities generally suggest that the underlying structures are damaged and need replacing due to rot.

Drainage Inspection

Inspect the gutters around the roof for the presence of pieces of shingles that may be posing a drainage problem. Shingle pieces in the gutters or downspouts are an indication that the roof has weakened and slowly disintegrating. A significant amount of debris is a good reason to consider replacing the entire roof.

Construction Materials

You may not realize the extent of the problem until you remove the shingles in the affected area. After uncovering the likely problem, you need to acquire the necessary materials. Depending on the size and depth of the damage, you may need to replace the plywood base, the tar paper and the shingles.