Many homeowners who evacuate their home during a natural disaster return to discover a damaged or destroyed roof. Storm-force winds combined with golf-ball-sized hail can tear through shingles, leaving the home’s interior exposed to the elements. The first step to recovering from such damage is to contact a roofing contractor. However, homeowners should carefully choose the right contractor to ensure a positive outcome.


Homeowners should first check the roofing contractor’s credentials. According to Angie’s List, 21 states require roofing contractors to be licensed. If a homeowner lives in one of these states, he or she should choose a licensed contractor. Otherwise, they could end up with a poorly repaired roof. Homeowners should also check to see how long the roofing contractor has been in business and whether they are insured.

Get a Quote

When choosing a roofing contractor, homeowners should ask for a quote on the repairs. No contractor can offer an accurate quote over the phone; this is something that’s best done in person. A reputable contractor will inspect the homeowner’s roof for damage and use this information to provide an accurate quote.

Call Multiple Contractors

Even if the first roofing contractor a homeowner contacts offers an attractive quote, the homeowner should call other contractors to compare prices and services. This will allow the homeowner to choose the best possible contractor for the job.

Ease of Communication

If a homeowner cannot easily reach a roofing contractor, either by phone, email or in person, he or she should consider choosing a different contractor. Not all contractors have good communication skills. And if something goes awry, the homeowner will probably want to reach the contractor for an answer or update.


How soon can the contractor begin working on the roof, and how long will the job take? Homeowners should ask roofing contractors these two questions to gain a better understanding of the timeline. If a contractor is unable to work on the roof until the following months, it may leave the home susceptible to moisture damage.

There’s no way to control mother nature. Homes in the path of a tornado, hurricane or other natural disaster are naturally at risk of being damaged. The good news is that homeowners can get back to their normal life by hiring the right contractor to repair their roof.