The roof is one of the main features of residential properties that determine its value and design. The structure is built to protect the interior setting from damage due to harsh weather conditions throughout the year. When you’re ready to remodel the roof, there are a few suggestions to consider to create a visually appealing structure that stands out in the neighborhood.


Perform Gutter Upgrades


Gutter upgrades are a minimal step to take that work to protect the foundation of the building by redirecting water that is present on the roof. When they become worn or deteriorate, they may need to be upgraded to prevent water from coming in contact with the basement or crawlspace. Eventually, the walls can begin to cave in over time. Gutters are now more attractive and feature gutter guard systems that reduce the risk of debris that accumulates or leaks that can form.


Use Synthetic Underlayment


Synthetic underlayment is an important material to add to your roof when remodeling because it’s useful in increasing the lifespan of the roof. Although the shingles can get blown off during high winds or a storm, the roof will still be protected due to the underlayment that is already installed, which will reduce the risk of leaks that develop. They are also aesthetically pleasing and create a polished look on the home because they’re thin.


Add Architectural Shingles


Architectural shingles are increasing in popularity due to their affordable price tag and have a 3D design because they feature two shingles that are fused together. They are even available in a variety of different color shades, which can allow you to create a custom look that complements the style and color scheme of the building. They cost similarly to asphalt shingles and will boost the curb appeal of the property.


Install Durable Roofing Materials


Your home will benefit from heavy-duty materials that are installed. Although the roof is often covered under your insurance policy, you can avoid the hassle by installing durable roofing materials in advance to avoid damage that can occur once storms arrive. You can consider installing Dura Grip adhesive with ultra-reinforced shingles to create a durable roof that will withstand different environmental elements in each season of the year.